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Join us at Anaplan Hub 16 in San Francisco

For the third year in a row, BetterVu is proud to be a sponsor at this premier event for Planning Professionals.

Hear our clients speak – this year including Chanjala Shangari from Capco and Amit Shah / Rich Ankcorn from Excelitas.

In addition we have been invited to present a session on “Predictive Costing” – using our ABC App for effective cost forecasting.

Contact us for more information!  Discount passes available.

Supply chain planning excellence with Excelitas

A disruptive and holistic approach to forecasting and manufacturing is needed to win in local markets worldwide. Without a global system that standardizes and communicates emerging practices and behaviors across sales and manufacturing, organizations compromise agility and uptime. Learn from Amit Shah how Excelitas, a global manufacturer, is making this a reality with manufacturing excellence. Learn from real examples of how Excelitas’ journey is managed with technology, and see what the company did before and what its vision is with Anaplan.

Center of excellence and business process improvement explained by Capco, a four-year Anaplan veteran

Anaplan became the “one stop shop” for FP&A at Capco after they successfully deployed their forecasting model in 2014. Since then, Capco has been utilizing Anaplan for budgeting, sales pipeline tracking, project performance tracking, and a host of other financial reports. Chanjala Shangari of Capco will explain how Anaplan helped transform reporting and analytics at Capco, eliminated Excel spreadsheets, and improved field engagement and cycle times.

Predictive Costing: Plan for future cost and capacity levels with ABC using Anaplan

Activity-based costing (ABC) has traditionally been a standalone tool used to measure historical cost and profitability of customers, products, and channels. Now, companies are able to plan cost and capacity levels in ways only previously imagined by integrating ABC into a comprehensive Anaplan structure. Learn how two different organizations are using this capability to plan for the future in the face of dramatic business changes.