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The Key Issues Facing Risk Managers in the Next 5 Years – Webinar

Join Rob Torok for this webinar hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditors

The business world is becoming increasingly inter-connected in all respects including financially, physically, and virtually.  Investors and executives await the daily, if not hourly, economic updates from around the world in the hope of making better decisions. Corporate supply chains have become not necessarily longer but certainly more complex, such that the brand name on the end product represents perhaps six tiers of suppliers.  And the electronic age allows both information and threats to emerge at the stroke of a keyboard.

All of these facets of business life pose risks to organizations.  The risk manager’s job is to provide the organization with an opportunity to see these challenges before they occur and position the enterprise to both respond and recover effectively and quickly.  In turn, the role of the internal auditor is to support these initiatives through stringent documentation of processes and assurance that they are being followed; but the auditor can also hold a key role in the identification and management of the risks themselves

.Webinar Highlights
In order to effectively ‘sense and respond’ to potential events, risk managers and auditors must first anticipate what the key issues might be.  This webinar will highlight what many expect to be five of the key areas of risk facing organizations in the immediate future and suggest approaches to respond to each.  We will look at areas of risk including:

  • “It’s Not My Job”: Establishing and assessing a risk focused culture
  • “Kicking the Can Down the Road”: Generating risks to be borne by those that follow
  • “We’ve Been Hacked”: Its not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ and ‘how’
  • “The Long and the Short of It”: Understanding how short term decisions may trigger longer term risks