Cost Planning Solutions - Activity-Based (ABC) & Time-Driven

Measure, Plan and Manage Costs and Profitability

Do you know the cost or profitability of your products, services or customers?  With 80% of profitability coming from only 20% of these, cost planning and analysis are critical to profitable growth. Standalone tools and models are costly and difficult to maintain. Our solutions integrate with operational metrics and planning models to allow you to both measure and plan for costs into the future. Whether you are looking to implement a traditional Activity-Based Costing (ABC) solution or you're interested in exploring the newer world of time-driven cost planning, BetterVu can help.

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We can help you implement a cost planning solution using Anaplan's high-performance structure, which allows for management of costs and profitability across the entire enterprise. Once implemented, your new costing solution can be maintained by end-users – not IT or costing experts. And, using our pre-developed Activity Based Costing App as an accelerator, your cost model can be up and running in only a few weeks.

Complete cost Planning capabilities

Cost Planning with BetterVu Integrated Business Solutions

Right within Anaplan, we deliver the full capabilities of a robust costing analytics engine.  Key features include:

  • Use of both Time-Driven and Traditional Activity-Based Costing methods
  • Full traceback of data from end result [Cost Object] to source [Resources]
  • Internal reallocations using full waterfall assignment across multiple stages
  • Built-in charts to analyze and compare cost and profitability across multiple segments or over time
  • Workforce Capacity analytics
  • Fully customizable structure with unlimited dimensions
  • Data integration with other Anaplan models and loading of source data
  • Intuitive interface designed for end-users

Use cost planning to Measure and Analyze...

  • Profitability and Cost across:
    • Products
    • Customers or Segments
    • Sales or Service Channel
    • Line of Business or Geography
  • Most and Least Profitable Products and Customers
  • Allocations and Shared Services
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Staff Productivity comparisons and trends
  • Process or Activity costs
  • Cost of waste or rework
  • Unit cost trends

PLANNING FOR FUTURE COSTS - - beyond cost analytics 

Using built-in scenario capability, evaluate future cost levels to support changes in driver volumes. Use this to plan capacity, test volume sensitivity, evaluate the impact of fixed and variable components or the impact of planned changes in productivity or structure. 

Give us one hour  and we’ll deliver a high-level prototype solution for tackling your toughest cost planning challenge.  #BetterVuChallenge

Give us one hour and we’ll deliver a high-level prototype solution for tackling your toughest cost planning challenge.


BetterVu Activity-Based Costing app

Now available in the Anaplan App Hub

Activity Based Costing is a method for accurately calculating costs based on true causation and then applying them to calculate the true profitability of products, customers, and relationships. BetterVu's ABC app provides a complete ABC solution within Anaplan that can be use on a standalone basis or integrated into other Anaplan analytics and forecasting models.

Mitch Max unveils BetterVu's new Activity Based Costing app using Anaplan, in conversation with Simon Tucker at Anaplan Hub 2014's DemoJam ~ May 2014 in San Francisco