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Cloud-based solutions for enterprise business planning and modeling

Anaplan is the leading planning and performance management platform for smart businesses. Anaplan combines an unrivaled planning and modeling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration into one simple interface for business users.

Anaplan Partner

BetterVu is one of Anaplan’s most experienced partners, and helps clients migrate existing spreadsheet and legacy planning tools into this new platform while adopting innovative business practices.  Anaplan is used across a variety of use cases, including financial accounting, financial planning & analysis, operations, human resources, sales management, sales forecasting, IT, and others.

BetterVu has been a partner since 2013, with a growing and dedicated team of certified Anaplan implementation consultants.


Let US Give you a sense of the Possible

In less than an hour's time, we can review your current spreadsheet and provide a high-level idea of how to improve your planning efforts using Anaplan. Without obligation, we can assess the level of complexity required, the effort and time needed, and provide a ballpark cost on implementation.

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Anaplan Partner
Anaplan Implementation Consultant

why change to anaplan?

Excel is a wonderful personal productivity tool, but using it as a core financial system creates significant risks and inefficiencies. Leading companies are moving from Excel to Anaplan, a newest-generation cloud-based tool for enterprise business planning and modeling.  

Analytics today are complex and multi-dimensional. Representing this in a traditional spreadsheet requires complex structures that are hard to maintain and are prone to error - errors that can be costly!  Spreadsheets are by nature single-user based and are not shared in real-time. Today's analysts need live, inter-connected and valid models to rapidly and accurately drive collaborative decisions...and Anaplan delivers.


what can i do with Anaplan?

Finance, Operations, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, IT Applications

Think of your most complex spreadsheet monster – lots of tabs, formulas that no one understands, and a major pain when a new product, branch or region comes online. We have converted many different use cases – covering multiple Finance, Operations, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, and IT applications. Anaplan models can load data from multiple source systems and provide output and interaction through browser-based dashboards. 

“The power of Anaplan is limited only by your imagination.”
— Jeff Nelson, American Family Insurance