Using Cost Planning to Meet Profit Targets - CPA Canada Webinar
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Using Cost Planning to Meet Profit Targets - CPA Canada Webinar

We're excited to lead this innovative, participatory webinar with CPA Canada:

Having an appropriate cost structure is necessary for survival and market success. Too often, businesses focus exclusively on revenue and not enough on how to strategically manage costing.

In this virtual classroom offering, you will:

  • delve deeper into thinking critically about cost management
  • explore key cost planning techniques
  • learn how to drive cost management up or down to deliver profit targets

Note: Space is limited to the first 25 people who register. This event is available as a live workshop only and requires about 1.5 hours of casework prior to the event, including an in-depth case study.  Register directly with CPA Canada

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Optimizing Labor Costs in Financial Services

  • W New York - Union Square

Join us at Anaplan's Innovation Financial Services event at the W Hotel in NYC's Union Square.  Mitch Max will present an overview and demo of BetterVu's Labor Planning app for Insurance organizations.  This is part of an exciting afternoon event highlighting innovative uses of Anaplan in Financial Services.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

May 11

Join us at Anaplan Hub 16 in San Francisco

For the third year in a row, BetterVu is proud to be a sponsor at Anaplan Hub16, the premier event for Planning Professionals.

Our clients speakers include Chanjala Shangari from Capco and Amit Shah / Rich Ankcorn from Excelitas.

In addition we present a session on “Predictive Costing” – using our ABC App for effective cost forecasting.

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Rolling Forecasts, part 2: Implementation – CPA Webinar

A rolling forecast allows you, as a financial professional, to play a leading role in strategic discussions by providing management with a range of possibilities that are dependent on:

  • market conditions
  • operational decisions
  • the actions of competitors
  • potential risk events

Seeing these possibilities before they occur is the first key step in being prepared for them, and allows management to make important decisions towards enterprise success.

This webinar will delve further into the topic and concepts learned in A Window to the Future: The Rolling Forecast, using a case study to demonstrate how to implement these factors by building a rolling forecast in our virtual classroom.

You will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the first part of this series and work with us in developing a forecast, using leading processes and technology 

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Rolling Forecasts: A Window to the Future – part 1 – CPA Webinar


Rolling Forecasts: A Window to the Future

In today’s fast-paced and globally connected environment, the traditional fiscal year-end forecast is of minimal value. In contrast, a rolling forecast allows financial professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions by providing management with a range of possibilities that are dependent on:
– market conditions
– operational decisions
– the actions of competitors
– potential risk events
This session will outline the key success factors and best practices with respect to implementing a rolling forecast.

A second webinar in workshop format uses a case study to explore these issues in greater detail.

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The Key Issues Facing Risk Managers in the Next 5 Years – Webinar

Join Rob Torok for this webinar hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditors

The business world is becoming increasingly inter-connected in all respects including financially, physically, and virtually.  Investors and executives await the daily, if not hourly, economic updates from around the world in the hope of making better decisions. Corporate supply chains have become not necessarily longer but certainly more complex, such that the brand name on the end product represents perhaps six tiers of suppliers.  And the electronic age allows both information and threats to emerge at the stroke of a keyboard.

All of these facets of business life pose risks to organizations.  The risk manager’s job is to provide the organization with an opportunity to see these challenges before they occur and position the enterprise to both respond and recover effectively and quickly.  In turn, the role of the internal auditor is to support these initiatives through stringent documentation of processes and assurance that they are being followed; but the auditor can also hold a key role in the identification and management of the risks themselves

.Webinar Highlights
In order to effectively ‘sense and respond’ to potential events, risk managers and auditors must first anticipate what the key issues might be.  This webinar will highlight what many expect to be five of the key areas of risk facing organizations in the immediate future and suggest approaches to respond to each.  We will look at areas of risk including:

  • “It’s Not My Job”: Establishing and assessing a risk focused culture
  • “Kicking the Can Down the Road”: Generating risks to be borne by those that follow
  • “We’ve Been Hacked”: Its not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ and ‘how’
  • “The Long and the Short of It”: Understanding how short term decisions may trigger longer term risks
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Implementing Rolling Forecasts – Webinar – September 1, 2015

The world moves faster and the economy has become less predictable. In such an environment, companies are realizing that the traditional fiscal year-end forecast has become less useful. Only seeing through to the end of the year leaves the company exposed to threats, such as price changes, volatile stock markets, regulatory changes and currency fluctuations. For FP&A, an annual forecast provides no means of adding substantive value to the conversation taking place at the strategic level of the organization. In contrast, a rolling forecast allows FP&A professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions and communications by providing management with a range of possibilities that are dependent on market conditions or the actions of competitors. Mitch Max joins a panel of experts to discuss techniques to meet success and avoid pitfalls in implementing a rolling forecast.

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Build Accurate Forecasts with Lifecycle Forecasting – FEI Webinar June 24

Often businesses struggle to accurately forecast future revenues across diverse customer or product types. Statistical models can help, but they don’t take into account the lifecycle patterns of growth, retention or depletion. Our research and experience shows that, for many business types, revenue and cost streams can be very accurately forecasted by modeling the patterns underlying the various customer or product types that supports revenue. While this type of modeling may have been challenging in the past, it’s now possible to do this in a clear and predictable way.

Mitch Max will lead this webinar.

For more information or to register for the webinar: Click here

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Creating a Rolling Forecast – CPA Canada Webinar- August 27, 2014

Add new capabilities to your forecast cycle to enhance analysis and promote agile response.

More and more organizations are looking to build a rolling forecast that looks past the fiscal year and is updated on a monthly basis, as part of the regular performance cycle. To be both efficient and effective, however, a new approach must be taken. In this webinar, Mitch Max examines techniques for creating high-level, driver-based forecasts that provide visibility into the future and a mechanism for testing alternate scenarios. You will gain new, practical insights to develop rapid forecasting for your organization.

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Webinar provided by CPA Canada – Chartered Professional Accountants – and is eligible for 1 hour of CPE credit.