CPM Software: Finding the Best Fit for Your Organization

CPM Software: Finding the Best Fit for Your Organization

Choosing the right Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software is a serious task with lasting implications, so let us help you choose the right platform.

Performance Management Edge Video Series

Mitch Max is a featured presenter in Video #5 – “Habits of Highly Effective Business” on the Performance Management Edge series. Please check out this site. Mitch is a featured “expert” along with other colleagues in Performance Management. Created by Alan Stratton, PME provides regular (twice a month right now) videos on techniques in Performance Management designed to give you the “edge” in business. Highly recommended (and free!).

Defining “Cost Consciousness”

A more rigorous approach to measuring and managing costs across multiple dimensions provides greater sustainable impact than across-the-board cuts, or short-term efforts to meet budgets. Central to this is the use of better tools and techniques to measure and – more importantly in my opinion – communicate cost measures in a transparent and actionable way.

Traveling on the Beyond Budgeting highway: Are we there yet?

Some of our colleagues are disappointed that more organizations have not truly “abandoned” budgets. What is apparent is that while many have not fully abandoned budgets, they have truly begun to understand those other concepts that enrich management practices.

6 months with Anaplan – Reflections from a Brave New World

What we’ve come to appreciate is the extent to which Anaplan allows companies to go beyond traditional FP&A – budgeting, forecasting and reporting – to develop innovative analytics and models that allow companies to collaborate quickly and align around common goals, in multiple ways