Performance Management Edge – New Video Segment

The second instalment of our survey on the Habits of Effective Planners is featured in a video segment that is now available on Performance Management Edge.

Shortening the budget cycle – for those companies still following the traditional budget cycle model – is a critical task. Watch this short segment to learn three great techniques for shortening your cycle to improve quality while reducing effort and time. If you haven’t already signed up to watch this great series (new episodes at least twice a month), you can sign up on the site.

BetterVu’s new ABC app in Anaplan

At @Anaplan #Hub2014 conference last month, we demonstrated two of our applications – one for Predictive Labor Modeling and one for Activity-Based Costing. The ABC app was selected for presentation at “Demo Jam”, hosted by Anaplan’s Chief Customer Officer Simon Tucker.

Watch this 7 minute demonstration and discussion here:

[video_embed video="97859564" parameters="autoplay=1&loop=1" mp4="" ogv="" placeholder="https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/478382428.webp?mw=500&mh=281" width="500" height="284"]

BetterVu @ Anaplan Hub2014 from BetterVu on Vimeo.