MEDIA ALERT: BetterVu to showcase Anaplan Applications for Profitability and Predictive Labor Modeling at #HUB2014

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, May 8, 2014 – BetterVu, the performance management consulting firm and Anaplan partner, today announced that it will showcase two advanced applications using the Anaplan platform at Anaplan’s customer conference, Hub 2014, taking place May 12-14 in San Francisco.

Who: BetterVu has developed two innovative applications using the Anaplan platform:

  • Activity-Based Costing – the first full ABC application developed using Anaplan, combining BetterVu’s deep experience in this field with the cloud-based in-memory Anaplan platform, this application brings comprehensive costing and profitability into the Anaplan environment.
  • Predictive Labor Modeling – designed to enable service organizations to plan labor levels required to meet fluctuating demand. This was first developed in conjunction with a Fortune 200 client that is using it to achieve demand driven scheduling objectives.
What: These applications are designed to help companies using Anaplan add value through advanced analytics in costing, profitability and labor optimization.
When: Demonstrations are available at Hub 2014, May 13-14
Where: Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF
Why: BetterVu brings capabilities of standalone ABC and labor optimization systems into the Anaplan environment, providing increased integration, powerful analytics, collaboration and reduced cost.

“We are excited to bring these advanced applications into the Anaplan environment. We believe that this platform offers exceptional opportunity for companies to create value through integrated analytics without spreadsheets or large ERP systems,” said Mitch Max, Partner at BetterVu. “As an Anaplan partner, we are excited to work with our clients to develop innovative solutions using Anaplan, and are delighted that we can marry our domain and industry expertise with Anaplan skills to create value.”

“BetterVu is a strategic partner for Anaplan in North America and we are excited that they are one of the first to build and demonstrate applications on the Anaplan platform,” said Michel Morel, Anaplan’s Head of Applications. “We will have more information about our app marketplace later this year, but Hub 2014 is a great opportunity to see nearly 20 real-time demonstrations of Anaplan partners’ deployed apps spanning multiple use cases.”

For more information, contact Mitch Max at 416-848-7024 or Twitter: @Better_Vu


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